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WHY YOU COMPROMISE ON RATE OF YOUR PINSFUNDS BEST RATE---COME HERE valid-2013   TODAY SPL OFFERwww.sparkgoldtrading.com 55 pins 1100-ALL TYPE OF PINS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE SELL 100 GENUINNE PINS AND FUNDS-----------NAME OF MLM           DISCOUNT TO             DEMAND         SUPPLY         RATING BASED ONCOMPANY                     COMPANY RATE                                                          DEMANDSUPPLY 1. ALL HIT DEALS         DISCOUNT 40-45  VERY HIGH        VERY  HIGH           LESS RISKY  supply and demand both are very high ,changes in pro creates negative impact no need to panic buy 40discount as you wish. offer 10 pinsfunds available discount.   2.SPARKGOLD             DISCOUNT 15-20      VERY HIGH          HIGH                     NO RISK3.MYCLICKSMEDIA      DISCOUNT 2           VERY HIGH      LESS                    NO RISK4.UJALA                         DISCOUNT         20   Less      high                          VERY RISKY DONT INVEST  FRAUD COMPANY PAYMENT PENDING SINCE LAST MONTH5.JUST2RICH                    DISCOUNT 5          HIGH             LESS                     high risk dont join6.WAY2MONEY                DISCOUNT20       LESS               HIGH                 VERY RISKY WEBSITE IS NOT OPEN IT IS FRAUD COMPANY BE AWARE7.E-MAIL DUNIYA             DISCOUNT 2       LESS                 LESS                     LESS RISK8. MY 10 FLOWER         DISCOUNT 5       LESS                  LESS                       LESS RISK9. FORTUNE GLOBAL DISCOUNT 30       LOW             HIGH                          VERY RISKY ALERT CALL BE AWARE VERY--VERY RISK.GLOBALSMSMONEY DISCOUNT 2      LESS        SS                        LESS RISK        10SMARTWORK.IN  DISCOUNT 2            HIGH              LESS                     NO RI GOLDLIFE MONEY         DISCOUNT 2               HIGH             LESS               NO RISK15. GLOBALCLICKMONEY         2                  HIGH                  LESS          NO RISK16. E-GAIN                  DISCOUNT 5              HIGH                  LESS          NO RISK17 http://www.adclicks.in      discount 2               high                        less                 NO RISK pin available1960-100 GENUINE PINS IF ANY COMPLAINT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE                                                                                   CONTACT- 8085532030                                    e-mail          mlmpinwalarediffmail.com     J.BHADORIYA      NOTE---1. I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY GUARANTEE OF COMPANY ,BUT PINFUNDS ARE100 GUARANTED ORIGINALLY GENERATED BY COMPANY,PURCHASED FROM COMAPANY OR GENUINE MEMBERS.2.  PLEASE   DO"NT CALL L REGARDING RATING ,IT IS PURELY CALCULATED BASED ON      DEMANDSUPPLY ORDER AND MEMBERS FEEDBACK.3.RATE OF PIN WOULD BE VALID UPTO NIGHT 12 AT THAT DATE.4.PLEASE CODE YOUR RATE AS PER OUR ABOVE PRESCRIBED RATE.    5.NEW MEMBER OF ANY NEW JOINING MAY CONTACT FOR FULL SUPPORT   6.COMMISSION OF 2 CHARGED TO SELLERS .MAY CONTACT FOR ANY COMPANY PINSFUNDS.                       THANKS               J.BHADORIYA          8085532030TIPS RESULT ---1.WETASMS 2. TRADEZONE  I WAS ALERT BOTH COMPANY SPL--www.goldlifemoney.co.in pins available 4pins 1500-per pin
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