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        HOME ABOUT US PLAN FRANCHISE REGISTRATION REWARDS CONTACTS LEGAL LOGIN     BUSINESS PLAN You are welcome to associate with the business of the company. You can register with an amount of Rs.1000- for a period of one year. Registration can be renewed after completion of one year at the then prevailing terms and conditions. After registration you will get a PIN and you can start the business process by purchasing of the following kits SR.NO. KIT AMOUNT KIT-PRODUCT DIRECT REFRAL PV W.P.S INCOME MAXIMUM 52 WEEK PER DAY CAPPING 1 Rs. 5000- PREMIUM SUIT LENTH NAZAR SURAKCCHA KAVACH Rs. 500- 1 Rs. 500- Rs10000- 2 Rs 10000- PREMIUM SUIT LENTH   KEY RING WITH WEB.CAM Rs. 1000- 2 Rs. 1000- Rs. 10000- 3 Rs 20000- PREMIUM SUIT LENTH WRIST WATCH WITH WEB.CAM Rs. 2000- 4 Rs. 2000- Rs. 20000- 4 Rs 50000- PREMIUM SUIT LENTH KEY RING WITH WEB.CAM WRIST WATCH WITH WEB.CAM Rs. 5000- 10 Rs. 5000- Rs. 20000- 5 Rs100000- KEY RING WITH WEB.CAM WRIST WATCH WITH WEB.CAM PREMIUM SUIT LENTH NANO FEBRIC SHIRT PICE AVENS HERBALS PREMIUM GOLD FACIAL KIT Rs. 10000- 20 Rs. 10000- Rs. 25000- DIRECT INCOME This income will be given by the Company to meet out your Little Expenses during the working to promote your business by a KIT-AMOUNT. It means you will get 10 for each new Direct KIT. MAX PAIR INCOME 1 PV Rs. 500- After The Registration in this Company you can start the Business With a new associate Joining in Binary Tree and Earn Rs. 500- per Pair PV. PAIR WILL BE CALCULATED 11 Capping is Rs. 10,000- to Rs. 25,000- per day.Daily closing at 1030 am. WEEKLY PROFIT SHARING INCOME You have to participate in company activities like ad viewing & survey etc. You will get a part of company profit.  Top Up 1 K.V 1 K.V 1 PV. NOTE - K.V KIT VALUE P.V PAIR VALUE W.P.S WEEKLY PROFITE SHARING Your participation is mandatory to watch the avertisement on the website and answer the questions asked at the end of the advertisement. The system will keep repeating the question till you submit the correct answer. You will get a handsome incentive on submission of correct answer. You can anytime upgrade your business kit..   Home About us Legal Plan Product Registration Rewards Contact us Login Term & Condition CTA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED © 2011 . All Rights Reserved A
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